Featured Hair Grades & Textures

Feathered Hair Grade

We are so excited to provide you with the highest quality of hair as part of the Ashelei Mane Premium Hair Extension brand. We provide you with the best quality by focusing on those pivotal features which include but are not limited to the following: texture, shine, softness, thickness etc.



The “Exotic” collection is our Remy 100% Virgin Human Hair extensions, closures and frontals. We also have an “Elite” collection which is our 10A grade 100% Virgin Hair extensions, closures and frontals.   Hair bundles tend to range in grade/quality range, we are proud to offer you the highest grade of hair, 10A.


Our collection has the following characteristics:

  • Good strand strength
  • Various textures
  • High shine factor
  • Extremely soft
  • Good hair density
  • Highly lustrous

Featured Hair Textures

As you may know, length, color and style are one of the main elements when you think about your hair extensions, but hair texture is also extremely important because it can drastically change your hairstyle. From straight to curly – hair texture plays a really important role in achieving your desired look. Find the perfect one for you; take look at the different textures and get inspired!


The “Elite” collection is comprised of the following textures:

  • Silky Straight
  • Body Wave
  • Deep Wave
  • Loose Wave


The “Exotic” collection is comprised of the following textures:

  • Bone Straight
  • Natural Wave
  • Deep Wave
  • Water Wave
  • Kinky Curly
  • Kinky Straight